MAPPI-RICS Valuation & Investment Conference


Southeast Asia business environment and real estate development has grown to a great extent. This is due to strong economic growth, demographic changes, and increased digital uptake. Whilst Singapore stands out in the region with the highest volume of foreign direct investment (FDI). Indonesia also experiences a strong growth in the same area. 
Indonesia foreign and local investors’ demand for property remain strong because of the large young population and growing middle-class, which is expected to reach 140 million by 2020. GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund has invested 500 million US dollars into Indonesia’s real estate investment. Similarly, Indonesia state-owned pension fund have also invested into these upcoming housing projects. The country’s investment growth in real estate are undoubtedly on the rise.
The increased digital uptake is the trend that has changed business environment in Indonesia. Competition in ecommerce business among investors rose exponentially and drove early-stage valuations up. Corresponding with the increased focus on technology, intangible assets are becoming even more important to businesses. According to Chartered Institute of Management Accountant study in 2016, the total value of disclosed intangible assets in Asia has grown by 20% per annum over the past 15 years.
MAPPI-RICS Valuation and Investment conference will explore Indonesia’s market growth in valuation and investment. The conference will cover Indonesia’s economic performance, real estate and business valuation, as well as Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs).
This conference will gather global expertise and delegates, covering topics such as Iinvestment opportunities in Indonesia, valuation impact on project developments, and the need for investment in intangible assets.
A great networking and knowledge sharing forum that you should not miss.
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